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Members United! It takes more than just good admins helping with the group, it takes all of its members as well working together and helping each other out. You guys make the group happen! Without you guys there are just admins twiddling their thumbs. lets make this group great!

~ FlyWheel68
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Nov 11, 2011

North America

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:iconferal-heart-art: Feral-Heart-Art Art group for players of FH! :iconferalheartstuffs: FeralHeartStuffs :iconferalheart-presets: FeralHeart-Presets For preset creators and fans! :iconferal-heart-stuff: Feral-Heart-Stuff :iconfans-of-feral-heart: Fans-Of-Feral-Heart :iconferalheartuniversity: FeralHeartUniversity So much to learn. So little time :iconcannibalccc: CannibalCCC :iconferalheart-creations: FeralHeart-Creations


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:bulletgreen: Please note the group if you would like to be featured here and specifically what you want featured. (It MUST be Feralheart related)
:bulletgreen: We will always accept RP adds, but for other deviations/adds the admins will decide whether to feature them or not
:bulletgreen: The features might change daily so always check for new features!
:bulletgreen: You do not have to be a member to be featured
:bulletgreen: Check general rules before posting, noting, or commenting

~ NOTE ~ newer features are towards the beginning of each section

Preset contest!Want a really hard preset contest to improve your skills? Then join Wulf's Preset contest! -advertising time's ended.-
'kay. I want a preset. Or two preset...No. THREE PRESET! 'kay, so I want three super-hard-to-do preset. 
You can choose from
Nice, heh?
Infos: ( (c) Wikizilla )
Mothra (モスラ?, Mosura) is a giant divine moth kaiju created by Toho that first appeared alongside Godzilla in the 1964 Godzilla film, Mothra vs. Godzilla, and first appeared in the 1961 Toho film, Mothra.
Rodan (ラドン?, Radon) is a giant pteranodon kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1956 Toho film, Rodan.
GODZILLA (No just '14 ones, pleaseeeee....)
Godzilla (ゴジラ?, Gojira) is a daikaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1954 Godzilla film, Gojira.
But remember, don't do an ugly Godzilla preset, because you think I
FlyWheel's Official FeralHeart Preset Contest!Hey guys this is your friendly neighborhood preset maker here! As you can can see when you look through my gallery that I love making FeralHeart presets, but I also love too see other peoples creations as well. So I decided to do a huge preset contest for everyone to enjoy. There will be awesome prizes, so come on! Anyone can join in!
Contest Theme:
The theme I have chosen is living color. I kept it vague for a reason. I want to see many different ideas come off of this. I will not give you any hints or ideas for the contest, you must figure out a design on your own. That's all part of the fun!
:bulletgreen: It must fit the theme
:bulletgreen: You must give a description in the artist comments as to why it fits the theme (What living color means to you?)
:bulletgreen: You can use any fur texture you wish, but you must be certain you are able to use it (I might be checking)
:bulletgreen: You must come up with your own des

~RolePlays on FeralHeart~
The Raid by AnthemOfErro The Lolovivi Pride is recruiting! READ DESCRIPTION by Malenga WoE is started! by WulfTheWolf Misera Regimen : Anthro/Humanoid RPMature RP that will have gore, cursing, etc. so enter at your own risk.
Multi species, and it allows species made by you. As long as the species is not overkill and too powerful. (You get to deal with very judgmental me to approve of your species being in the RP  - - - - If I am not online to accept your character/species, SmilodonCat/SmilodonDog will decide. The other moderator in the RP shall be Cansta, who also gets to choose if you get kicked or get to stay.)
You can have unrealistic colors, like blue or whatever, but just dont make them a blazing neon. As long as the colors look nice, I dont care what color you choose.
Semi to lit. I do not care how much you write, so much as how you write it.  If you powerplay or god mod, you will be warned. If you continue, you will be kicked from the group.
Anthros/humanoid creatures, which do not need to be based on ones that currently exist. They can be based off prehistoric ones, off mythical creatures, or otherwise. You can
TWR's First Anniversary! by Azielle10 Exodus RP on Feral Hearthi , I'd like to create a rp on feral heart about Exodus . The rp story will consist in 2 clans : the dogs and the demons.  It's kinda like Warriors , but with dogs :p
So , for the dogs , you 've got the character sheets (in the "exodus sheets" floder), there's many characters and interesting uncommon breeds ^^ they must have realist colors :)
for the demons , one must be the leader , the Big Boss (Zhestok); and his subordinates ; any monster , any color (but with a lot of black, the devil's servitors are more credible XD)
ABOUT THE DOGS : -----------------------------------------------
So , I need at least... 31 CHARACTERS ???? it's pretty a LOT !
there's not ONLY dogs , there are many other wild canine species that you can choose ! (the dogs in bold don't have a character sheet yet ;))
sheets gallery link  -------->
are available : 
 ! must take them first to begin the story !
Resting. (Kinda Pack Ad) by xXSilent--ScreamsXx The Divine Creatures (FH Pack)Anyone interested in joining a pack? 
There is a website.
A map coming soon.
And members get the choice of a free preset made by me.
The Divine Creatures isn't fully based off of Mythology, but it's close to it. 
TDC is a pack that makes a home for ones who have been thrown from their original homes or just loners. For Syke knows first hand what it's like to be forced from your home and to be cursed and looked down upon. She accepts any canine/mixed breed/species. 
The reason it's based off of Mythology is because your where you derived from can be Gods/Goddesses/Demons/Creatures/etc.
1. Canine Character (can be mixed with anything or a made up species)
2. Can download maps
3. Semi-literate
4. Unrealistic
Not too much to ask.

   This is a pack on Feral Heart! We are an all canine Role-play! We currently only have five members, though we are not actually very active yet, since we are just beginning. Please keep in mind that little things may change. But this is least likely.
   You wanna join a pack of rage, love and family? Well this would be a pack full of fun, this is a new pack, been under construction for a little under a year.
   There are 30 ranks opened to you(31 if you counted Leader rank, but that is closed). This Pack is: Semi-lit to lit, Semi-realistic, Long-termed, Sited, Strict, Canine Role-Play.  WE ARE NOW MAPPED! We are using this beautiful map:
  I claim nothing to this map! It has about 5 maps all together! AND THEY'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL!  And if you're wondering? YES NO LAG! Please be nice to th
Amazon Rainforest Map! FH by KerrTheBuck

~Requests and Commissions OPEN~
Cheapo CommissionsHelp me. I'm poor. Hence cheap prices for some luberly art.
-Sketches and Line Art-
10 :points:
+5 :points: for extra characters
10 :points:

20 :points:

+5 :points: for extra characters
30 :points:

+10 :points: for extra characters
-Feral Heart Presets-
30 :points:
Valliaha Preset {Remake} by FanguoftheFlowersHeqkual Preset {Demonic} by FanguoftheFlowersHale Cervineblade Preset by FanguoftheFlowers
-Canine Model Only
Can do:
-Custom Species
Feral Heart preset point comissions!HAI O3O
I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE PRESETS, and I think I am good at em :D
So, if you want me to make ya a preset write a comment down below and wait for me to tell you when to give me the points, remember to have a picture!
Realistic: 30 points (it really depends on the complexity) Side (belongs to :iconPurrfectkitty22:) Other side
Hyena Side Other side Face
Sasha :3
Cartoony: 20 points (Sorry! I don't have many pics of cartoony!) Side Side Face
Feralheart Preset Point CommissionsWell I will be taking preset commissions for points. Since i am in need of points at the moment o:
1. Do not rush me!
2. I will NOT do the request without the form and reference picture!
3. Be respectful of others
4.Don't claim as your own work. It was mines.
5. Pm me, if something goes wrong with your preset.
6. Want a certain texture? Link me to it please.
7. You are allowed to have up to 5 commissions. That is the limit.

8. Please have points ready.
Do's and Don'ts/Learning:
I can do:
:bulletyellow:- Ombre manes ex:
-invisible wings
-markings that glow(on the preset)
-glitter dust
Don'ts(for now):
-scrolling effects/glowing presets
-glowing effects

Custom Eyes are an extra 5 :points:
Easy: 5-10 :points:
Simple: 10-15 :points:
Medium: 15-25 :points:
Hard: 25-50 :points:
Epic: 50-75 :points:

:bulletpurple: Expla
Commissions: Open!Here are my Commissions. I have decided to lower my prices because yeah.
Digital Art
Mini Paw Rainbow Fully coloured, shaded and detailed to the best of my ability - 100:points:
            Mini Paw Lite Blue Backgrounds are an additional 20:points: if drawn and 10:points: if they are photos.
FeralHeart Presets
Mini Paw Rainbow All presets are 30:points: no matter how complicated.

FeralHeart Map
Mini Paw Rainbow Maps work as follows:
                Mini Paw Rainbow Size: Small (Less than 10,000) - 20:p
Preset Comissions OPEN by RainOfBl00d Feral Heart preset point comissions!HAI O3O
I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE PRESETS, and I think I am good at em :D
So, if you want me to make ya a preset write a comment down below and wait for me to tell you when to give me the points, remember to have a picture!
Realistic: 30 points (it really depends on the complexity) Side (belongs to :iconPurrfectkitty22:) Other side
Hyena Side Other side Face
Sasha :3
Cartoony: 20 points (Sorry! I don't have many pics of cartoony!) Side Side Face
MAP COMMISSIONS ~CLOSED~ by Angeldogs Commissions Open!! by AshPaintedWings Feralheart Commission Prices [Closed] by ThaBIue Mashy's Presets Commissions are back! 
As the title says, preset commissions are back! I'll be holding five slots for anyone who wants any.
One preset takes up one slot.
50:points: (Per Preset)
+25:points: For me to design
-Can be complicated
Fur textures I have:
RainOfBl00d's Anime texture
RainOfBl00d's Realistic short fur
Slot 1: Spottoxic
Slot 2: Spottoxic
Slot 3: FlyWheel68
Slot 4:
Slot 5:
Preset Point Commissions -OPEN- by xXBlisterXx Preset Collaboration CommissionsDallis and I are opening preset adoptables for FeralHeart.
They will always be 50:points: each since we're splitting the points. cx
For examples. Check them out in our galleries.
oORawrr and Adest-Strages
..:Can Do:..
Glowing markings (kinda)
Different colored eyes
Really hard markings
..:Can't Do:..
..:Can Do:..
Different colored eyes
Unique eyes
Semi-hard designs
..:Can't Do:..
Glowing markings
Extremely hard designs
If you want to request a custom adoptable.
Simply note Adest-Strages
For any questions
For anything regarding the presets
Contact Adest-Strages 

~Awesome Works~
Warden's preset by CreepyCanonDawnflight Preset by ClaerityPreset commission for Starrrshine by RainOfBl00dJazzykayz: Razor by JazzykayzJazzykayz: Wolfstorm by JazzykayzJazzykayz: Vale by JazzykayzFeralheart Preset - Muse by Hollowed-ChimeraNew Canine Texture FREE by RainOfBl00dNimrine V2 Download! by Coralstar51199Bandit (preset) by eggroll-cat7 cat Preset for sale for 10Points at all! by WulfTheWolfPreset for sale [SOLD] by CreepyCanonWolf preset Auction by WulfTheWolfKindly Unspoken by RainbowDinosrawrFree GSD Preset by WulfTheWolfSpark SF 7-7-2014 by larmyneContest Entry - Living Color by xXBlisterXxFREE: Dog collars item by WulfTheWolfJazzykayz: Xia Preview by JazzykayzWhy Feralheart... (Funny in-game posts - Updated!) by Sagitta-the-Alpha4 wolf preset for 10 Points by WulfTheWolfRoc's Bridges; Updated! by RocandrolAnota Expansion 1 (DOWNLOAD) by ArkrylicBirdwolf preset auction by WulfTheWolfTerra Carnivora - Feral Heart Maps by KI-CortanaFH - Autumn's City Map! {Free DL} by ThaBIueFeralHeart :: Map :: THE FELLS by 0Abarai017 Height Maps/Masks For You! by Genesis199Mighty Oak - Feral Heart Mesh by giddyfoxPloverpaw's Preset by The-Magical-Elf6 cat preset for sale in one! by WulfTheWolfFree Realistic Lion Preset by WulfTheWolfNorthern Predators - Preset pack by WulfTheWolfKomoria's New Preset ~ by Dirty-CouchKingdom - Public Map by KangarooirwinTHIS. IS... (Feralheart) by TiffashySkell Preset by DeViXiSRed Wolf Preset by DeViXiSBlack Wolf Preset by DeViXiSFH - Calico Adoptable :SOLD: by inati13Lion Pride Preset [Adoptables] by Kiko-FluffHeart Of A Star - Medium Complexity - Feline by TaizerFH Maned wolf preset by WulfTheWolf
More Journal Entries


General Rules!
Please read all the rules before contributing!

:bulletgreen: The comments sections are for questions and concerns only. Do not advertise anything here. Anything else will be reported as spam.

:bulletgreen: Please be nice and helpful to any and all deviants on any of the comments sections in this group. We are all here to help each other!

RP Advertising
:bulletgreen: The role play has to be from FeralHeart and not any other game/website.

:bulletgreen: You can submit journals and pictures in the "RP Add" gallery folder to feature your RP

:bulletgreen: Your RP can also be featured in the daily by sending the group a note with details of your RP including website, RP times, map/character screenshots, and/or a small overview. (You must send a note every week telling us that you are still active or we will take the feature down)

:bulletgreen: Do NOT advertise your RP in the group comments!

(Deviations Will be declined if they don't meet any of these requirements)

:bulletgreen: Please don't spam our folders with half worked on artwork or quick screenies. If any of the admins think that there wasn't  work put into it, it will be rejected.

:bulletgreen: You can submit to featured, but it must be quality work or it may be declined.

:bulletgreen: Submit your deviations in the right folders. If you are unsure where your deviation might fit in, place it in the unsure folder and we will sort it for you.

:bulletgreen: WIPs (Work in progress) Deviations are not allowed. Finished Deviations only.

:bulletgreen: Give credit when credit is due. If you used someones textures, items, meshes credit them. Do not claim them as your own.



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